How to Relax Your Eyes

How to Relax Your Eyes
There is nothing better than relaxing after a long day. You may never think to relax your eyes, but your eyes are working harder than almost any other body part. Here is a guide to giving your eyes the much needed rest.

1. Close your eyes. Do this sitting up to prevent you from falling asleep.2
2. Relax your body. This can help relax your eyes.3
3. Rub your eyes. Rub your eyes very gently, as if almost tickling them.
4. Relax your face. move your jaw side to side. Make sure you are not pressing your eyebrows together. Relax your cheeks and forehead.
5. Try To keep your eyes closed during this process.
6. Gently open your eyes when you are done. try to barely open them and focus on your eyelids. Follow them up and as you look at your eyelids your eyes will open up.
7. Wash eyes with cold water frequently.


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